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We hope you get a good view of our new Yorkshire Terrier puppies at Texasminipaws Yorkies. If there are any questions, please contact us at danandpat@texasminipaws.com. When you click on a picture, you should get a larger version. 
Yorkies are very special dogs. Be sure and check into our puppy care page. Special care should be taken for such a small dog. Keep close contact with your vet on the chance that they will be needed, and use some some good common sense in keeping informed of your Yorkshire Terrier and their needs. You can see our Texasminipaws Health Guarantee here. More will be added to the care page as we see articles of interest.
The Puppies page will have one picture of each puppy. When you click on each Yorkie, it will take you to that individual Yorkie's puppy page. Enjoy!

about Texasminipaws:

Set in the beautiful part of the Texas Hill Country, away from the bustle of the cities in Texas, the Texasminipaws Yorkies are raised in a family atmosphere. It seems like a "zoo" to us, because we rarely come out of the Canyon, except to bring our little puppies to their new owners and to "browse" for all those essentials needed for living and breathing in our bustling world.  We raise our Yorkies in a family atmosphere . With chickens in the back yard and two wienie dogs coming in and out of the house, we work at home and live with all the animals around us (also parrots, goats, horses, cats, quail  and a few snakes!).  Take a look at our Yorkie puppies and email us at danandpat@texasminipaws.com. Enjoy the sites around you.

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Our mascot never grew!!! She stayed so small that we fell in love with her and decided to not sell her.  Born on October 27th, 2008, she is 27 Oz. (1 lb 11 oz) and now two years old. You can see her pictures as she grew up by clicking on this picture.
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"  Quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price. " 
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